Take time for feedback, but not for the technology behind it. Create and share feedback fast and easy with hyfee while keeping the data where it belongs - in your own NextCloud!

Capture. Upload. Share.

With hyfee, you can focus on what really matters – providing valuable feedback to your students. Whether you want to record feedback directly into hyfee, capture an image or video, or provide a PDF, hyfee makes the process easy for you.


You record audio, images or videos directly into hyfee or select existing media from the photo library. If necessary, simply combine any feedback types into one package.


When you are done, upload the feedback for the student with a tap. Hyfee takes care of storing the files, so you don't have to worry about folders and file formats yourself.


After uploading, you can save and print an automatically generated QR code to stick on the student's work. If you communicate with the student via school messenger or LMS, simply send the text link to the feedback.

Work even faster with placeholder codes

You can generate up to 30 placeholder QR codes at once for all possible feedback types directly in hyfee and save them in a PDF file. This way you can print the codes collected on one page, cut them out and keep them in stock.

When you capture feedback, you simply pick a matching QR code from the stack. Afterwards, you can continue in the usual convenient way.

Create placeholder codes for different feedback types and print the PDF files on printable A4 labels. You can find these online or locally in many stores. Cut out the codes and have the stacks of QR codes to different media types next to you when correcting.

hyFee NC – hyfee ❤️ NextCloud

With hyfee NC, you use your own or your school’s NextCloud to store and share your data securely! So with hyfee NC, you don’t incur any additional monthly costs, you can do whatever you want with your feedback files, and your students only access your infrastructure when retrieving feedback. And don’t worry – you don’t have to do any additional configuration, hyFee is ready to go with most NextCloud systems.

By storing the feedback in your own NextCloud, hyFee does not incur any additional costs for you.

For uploading the feedback files hyFee uses the WebDAV interface of your NextCloud. For creating the publicly shareable links hyFee uses the Shares API of your NextCloud. Therefore, both technologies must be enabled in connection with hyFee. In addition, hyFee cannot be guaranteed to work with individual SSO solutions.

hyFee NC at a glance

hyFee is a product of Christian Mayr.

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hyFee NC is not a product of NextCloud GmbH, but an app that can be used with NextCloud.

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